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10  Day Trial Available

Launched in 2015, the BUA saddle puts a modern and effective spin on traditional saddles. With a cantilevered carbon fiber tree and interchangeable components, the saddle is designed to meet the needs of horse and rider. You truly won't believe the difference until you've ridden in it yourself, which is why we are thrilled to be able to offer demos in the New England area. Contact us today to schedule your 10 day trial!

More Than Just a Saddle

The beauty of the BUA is that it encompasses multiple saddles all in one. Easily transition from dressage to cross country, or from a light hack to the show ring! Flaps available to demo are pictured below.

Dressage Flap

All Purpose

Jump Knee Block

The BUA Dressage flap is more vertical with a longer, more narrow knee block to accommodate a longer stirrup

The general purpose flap has a more forward angle with a larger, forward front block and rear block. Great for all-rounders!

The jump flap offers the most forward angle for shortest stirrup position. Available with or without front block.


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How long is a trial period?

Riders are given a ten day trial in which they are encouraged to put the BUA to the test. Ride as much as you can on as many horses as you can. The purpose of the trial is to give you a good idea of whether or not the BUA is a good fit for you and your horse.

What is the fee for a trial? Why is there a fee?

The cost of the BUA demo varies depending on shipping, but figure $125-$150. This fee covers shipping the saddle both ways, so you don't have to worry about that! If you are local to the North Shore, MA we can discuss free saddle drop-off and pick-up. We also require a 50% fully refundable security deposit.

What is available as part of the demo?

For your BUA demo you will choose a dressage, all-purpose, or jumping saddle flap. We can also provide short girth if needed (the BUA is a monoflap with long billets) as well as stirrup leathers.

Where can I learn more about the BUA?

Contact us anytime or visit the BUA saddle website at www.buasaddles.com to learn more!

Please note that though the BUA retail community is small and we work together closely, we ask that when you decide to order a saddle you do so through your regional representative.

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